About ProBooks

The management team of ProBooks includes a seasoned accounting professional who is a QuickBooks® certified ProAdvisor, and an expert in small business operations and management. They bring experience to the table from a variety of environments, including financial services, small business administration, and telecommunications.

Their wide range of experience enables ProBooks to provide not only accounting and bookkeeping services, but they can also assist clients in the areas of operations, marketing, and strategic planning. This combination brings acumen to their services that is not typically found in the traditional bookkeeper's office. They are committed to serving their clients with timely and accurate bookkeeping and accounting, as well as personalized and customized business services.

All financial services are conducted with the highest degree of professionalism and with complete confidentiality.

Contact ProBooks to learn how they can meet your bookkeeping and basic accounting needs.

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“I worked with [ProBooks Co-Owner] Steve for six years and he consistently demonstrated an ability to formulate a solution to any problem he encountered . . . He was always willing to 'do whatever it takes' to get the job done. He has an outstanding work ethic . . .”

- Mark D.,
Eden Prairie, MN

“I was very impressed with [ProBook's] ability to identify a problem . . . and find a solution. I was also impressed by [their] attention to detail and ability to meet deadlines.”

- Adrienne A.,
Minneapolis, MN


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